Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Importance of Philosophy In Everyday Thinking:

Throughout the history of mankind there have been powerful, and influential minds whose works have achieved immortality. Typically, these in-depth thinkers were not always viewed for their raw intelligence, instead were highly scrutinized for their ability to think outside the norm, thus their methodical minds often scared people, especially those in positions of authority, rule, or government.

Therefore, when one asks why it is important to use a philosophical approach in our everyday life?

The answer is simply by applying a philosophical overview in our thinking, and decision making process, this can enable us as individuals to derive at a more independent conclusion, and maintain the challenge of deriving to the truth, or [the perception thereof ]without allowing another person's ideas to be taken for granted.

In all practicality, how often then not, have we initially agreed with another's analogy, only to later come to the realization that we subjectively found ourselves later reevaluating, and determining our initial instincts were wrong?

The generalization of thinking philosophically, initiates one's own independent study, and intuitively has been accredited for debating, and challenging intellectual arguments throughout the course of time. Philosophy in essence has altered the way the world perceives a universal truth, and yet quintessentially derived specifically from those individuals who refused to just accept the way things are, were, or even will be, and rather then follow suit, chose to look for ways to change the recipe entirely.

Theoretically, there are holes in nearly ever theory. Idealistically if we lived in a perfect world, there would be no need to challenge or to utilize our methodical minds, nor concoct new ingredients to produce a broader scope of selections to choose from when acknowledging the great mysteries to our existence, and the way we function as sociological beings.

In short, if not for those who set new trends by thinking independently, we very well may not' be living in a democracy or freedom, in our Western Civilization today. Instead we could be under communistic rule or a dictatorship, which plays well on paper, but rarely allows the voice of the people to be heard, and especially does not tolerate the influential independency's of those who express concern by virtue of philosophy.

Historically, I hold a great admiration for those who withstood the test of time with their philosophies. Who amongst us cannot help show admiration towards the powerful minds like Confuses, Socrates, Plato, Christ, and innumerable others stood for what they wholeheartedly believed in?

Ultimately, some died sorely lacking the notion their works would later influence world change and achieve a foundational work of immortality for millions to reflect upon, and to learn from their efforts. Is that not proof of the importance of philosophy?

Therefore, I recommend we use our own minds to discern, and broaden the future, rather than to be subjected to limitations mentally, physically, or spiritually that may intrude upon us, and utilize the God given right to voice and influence change for the benefit of the future.

Besides, if one looks back upon history and the philosophical minds throughout, it seems inherent there is an indescribable wisdom ever-present whereas it speaks in similar tongues, and produces an influx of positive motivation abroad the vast spectrum of all mankind. I personally believe philosophers share stock in a wisdom that is often ascertained through divine intervention or an epiphany, creating an preserving the balance to our survival. Certifiably, this doesn't mean I fully accept that all philosophy is inerrantly factual, and therefore I choose to believe through trial and error true wisdom is obtained, and philosophy serves as a fundamental platform to debate world views abroad, slowly inching our way forward to better comprehend the incomprehensible.